Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Countdown has Begun

This is the ticker on the TriGirl ironman Weekend Workout description. Now imagine me, running around in circles screaming like a chicken without a head. I knew it had to happen sooner or later--that sickening revelation that "HOLY CRAP I'M DOING AN IRONMAN....SOON!!!" And not just any IM, but the (from what I've heard) hardest course in North America.
So far, my workouts have been very manageable--averaging a total of about 11 hrs each week. That is going to change, especially with the advent of outdoor bike riding three days a week instead of our current one. From here on out, I get to look forward to 5+ hour bricks on Saturdays and long bike rides on Thursdays. Thank goodness Fridays are family game and movie night, because getting up at 6am for Marco Diablo's yumminess after staying up too late is no fun. But that also blows Saturday nights too since I am then too tired to do anything except sit on the couch and veg.
I'm trying to compartmentalize and not freak out too much. To that end, I've been focusing on the positive aspects of all this training we'll be doing. Among them are:
  • Time with my peeps. In the saddle, in the pool, on the run. Lots and lots of time...
  • Great legs. Hills, hills, and more hills = a great pair of legs (right?!)
  • Some fun weekends (of hills...) up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and in Lake Placid. I promise I won't drink 4 vodka gimlets this time.
  • A chance to race (and party post race) with Jen C. and Jen H. at Eagleman the weekend before I leave for Europe.
  • And finally, some new and exotic training locales--the Blue Ridge, Provence during lavender season, and southern Spain (I know I know...shoot me now.)
Hopefully all that will add up to being ready by July 26th. I know I can do the distance, albeit a relatively flat, head-windy version of the distance. If nothing else, I am looking forward to those two monster downhill bombs where I really don't have to pedal at all....
Let's get started.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Maddy's 10k Race Report

It was like pulling teeth to get her to write it, but here it is:

"I was a little afraid at the beginning. We saw the professionals take off first, and we got to see some guys in funny costumes, like Indiana Jones and a Roman warrior. Before long, we passed the first monument, JEB Stuart. By then I had the blood flowing and I was having fun.

I'm pretty sure I went the first two miles without stopping (she did) but I was ready for a water break. I didn't really care how much I was complaining (not that much). On the first stop, my legs were starting to get pretty tired, but Mom kept encouraging me to keep going. It's more fun running with a partner.

The rest of the race we kept running even tough I wanted a break. We saw some neighbors cheering at the turn around and Sophie's vizsla friends at mile 4 1/2. I was so happy when we were back at JEB Stuart. Once we could see the finish line, I just started sprinting--I wanted that race to be over! I finished in 1:10:05, and Dad took me to a big breakfast at Denny's. In May I would like to do a 5k, another 10k, and an 8k."

I am so very proud of her!