Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Carb-loading, German style

How do you keep the foam from going up your nose?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

So, some of you might think I've been super lazy since my last post. I go and add a list of all my workouts, then bag on doing any of them for a whole seven days. Well, I've got some good excuses...which I need to take advantage of since this summer and fall there will be no excuses, good or otherwise. I handed in my end-of-semester thesis project on Tuesday and last night took my AutoCAD exam. Today I went to yoga, then hung my daughter's new drapes which I consider a stair master workout--up and down, up and down on a step ladder. I will be at spinning tomorrow morning (I promise!) for those yummy 1/2 mile repeats and such, after which it's time to buckle down and study for my last exam in Lighting Design on Monday. Also due that day are construction documents, and I'm done for the semester. Whew!
Christmas week we will be in Munich and Salzburg. I do plan on packing my running shoes--I'm hoping there are some good running trails through the Englischer Garten. Our return on the 1st will mean I have only 305 days left before IMFL....
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Looking Ahead

Now that indoor cycling (7am on Saturday mornings....ouch!) and weight training (M/W 6am) have begun, it's time to start preparations and planning for the coming year. That means actually dragging my sorry ass out of bed to get to said early morning workouts--I did miss weight training this morning, but only because the hubby is away on business and it's up to me to get the kids to school on time, clothed, fed, and lunch boxed. I'm putting off the Mon/Weds Masters swims at the Y until January, since school is in serious crunch mode right now. For running, we have the fun TriGirl sponsored Christmas light tour on tap, but then nothing organized outside of training until the Frostbite 15k some time in mid January. (Last year I ended up sleeping in through that one too...can you spot a trend?) So far I've registered for or am planning to do the following races:

  • Frostbite 15k

  • Monument Ave 10k (I hope this is the year I break 50mins--2:30 faster than last year)

  • Smith Mountain Lake Sprint (I had such a good time last year, I'll squeeze training for it into the thesis madness)

  • Columbia (I may not be able to do this one since it is scheduled for the day after both my and my son's commencements--knock on wood that we both graduate)

  • Timberman 70.3 in August (with 13 other TGs in beautiful New Hampshire)

  • Ironman Florida in November

Somewhere in there will be the Maymont 1/2 marathon and possibly the olympic distance Patriot race in Williamsburg in September. At first glance it doesn't look like much, and there is a loooong break between the May races and Timberman (Greece, here I come!), but I'm sure there will be more races thrown into the mix as they open up for registration and I won't be lazing around. I've added another list to the blog, listing my workouts, which is an idea taken from several other Iron(wo)men TG's in an effort to keep me honest and compel me to attend more of those early morning sessions.