Thursday, January 27, 2011

So I lied...

Sue me.

Yes, we're almost a whole month into the new year, and I'm just now getting around to doing something I should've done a while ago.  This little thing called life gets in the way. 
  • Early January the husband started the new job.  Hooray!  Much travelling and time apart.  Boo!  He was ready for a new adventure though and I was ready to have him busy.  While it was nice having the house husband taking care of laundry and cooking, it was a lot of togetherness.  I like a few degrees of separation--it gives us more to talk about over dinner.  I must say Skype is the bomb.  Where was that technology when we lived in Eastern Europe?!
  • The holidays were good.  #1 son got back from Iraq and the in-laws came out from California.  Little did they know they were in for a white Christmas!  Snow on Christmas Day that stuck around a while, and at the beach no less.  Many puzzles were tackled and Monopoly games played.  Home on New Years to hang with friends. 
  • A new year means a resolution of sorts.  I'm trying (with limited success) to not drink during the week.  Goodness knows we did enough drinking over the holidays to last a  looooong time.  I will, however, make exceptions for book/wine club nights, dinner with Lynn, or a snowy night like last night.  Having an open bottle around is not good.  Darn you, screw caps!  Birthday week (next week!) is also an exception.  I'll need plenty of alcohol to survive #43.
  • I have registered for several races this spring:  Shamrock 1/2 mary in March, Rumpass in Bumpass (oly) in April, and Kinetic half in early May.  I did run the Frostbite 15k this past weekend.  It lived up to its name!  At the start it was 15 degrees.  Brrr.  (I know what you MN folks are thinking, but that is cold for us.)  I think I did well, even if a bit slower than last year.  My mile splits were fairly even, and I have been doing more trail running for long stuff rather than road running.  I need to find a February thing.
  • I did find a must-do race:  Ironman Aix en Provence 70.3 in September!  If I'm in the neighborhood, I'll definitely sign up (provided I can keep in some thing resembling race shape post IMCdA).  Now, if I could only convince my friends to come too (Lynn? Julia? Kari? ADC?)  Maybe I should offer to pay for the wine post race...
  • I have been fairly good about keeping to the schedule, getting in about 90% of the workouts.  Right coach?
  • I've taken on some big house projects.  Family room 70s panelling and fake beams are now gone, cut through to the living room accomplished, drywall and trim are up.  I asked Joe for french doors for a birthday present--I've wanted them since we moved into this house almost 12 years ago.  Progress pictures are featured on FB.
  • Kids are good, and I'm liking having another responsible, driving adult in the house to help with kid shuttling given the lack of spouse situation.  #1 son has luckily found a job too (a rare thing these days so I know it's just a matter of time before he'll need to have a place of his own.  Then I'm screwed. 
  • I can't believe my beautiful daughter is almost 14.  There's no way I'm that old.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know, I know.  I was not good about blogging this past month.  December was busy with school, snow, family, and holidays!  Now here we are, a week into the new year already.  Can I say how glad I am 2010 is over?  Ugh, what a year.  From the video I realize how many good times we had, but the underlying current of uncertainty given Joe's job situation was really really hard.  I will blog soon about looking plans for 2011.  I promise!