Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(Not so) Speedy Gonzalez

A few fellow TriGirls used to say they couldn't swim in the same lane as me. They thought I was one of the "fast" girls. Well, tonight proved them wrong. I had a hard time keeping up with them in the famed Lane o' Dread.
I blame the boobs (more drag, you know).
Coach Karen blames me. She pointed out that many of those now-speedy TriGirls had been showing up for master's quite often--a few even took semi-private lessons with her once a week as well--and had improved quite significantly. I on the other hand, really hadn't been in the water on a regular basis since, oh, September which means I haven't been improving. In March the TriGirls get back in the pool with coach Som (finisher of over 20 ironman races) or coach Annie two nights a week, in addition to the master's class. I think I better teach my husband to cook since it looks like I won't be around at dinner time. I'll be trying to earn back a slot in the Lane o' Dread.


TriGirl 40 said...

Your gills and fins (and new parts, too) will get used to being back in the pool in no time - and then you'll be smokin' everyone again!

Andy said...

Oh no! the aisle of trials! the lane of pain! OK, I'll stop now. <:

SusieQ said...

I agree with DB :)
Don't be too hard on yourself.


Anonymous said...

Your husband knows how to cook, he just likes your company!