Sunday, May 11, 2008

Komen Race Report (My name's not Paula...)

Happy Mother's Day! My beautiful kids made me breakfast (eggs benedict!), and my husband brought me coffee in bed. We've done cards and they bought me some nice beach house gifts, and all I have to do between now and our dinner reservation at 6 is to go for a bike ride with TriGirl Fave. I'd say it's shaping up to be a good day!

Maddy did great at the 5k yesterday! She and Joe ran together, but started pretty far back in the pack of over 9,000 runners and walkers. Since they seeded themselves so far back, they had to weave through lots of foot traffic, and ended up finishing in a little over 45 minutes. Maddy came across the finish line with a big smile on her face and seemed to have had a good time. Maddy agreed that Dad let her walk more than I would have, but she still enjoyed the whole day from putting on a race number through to having a medal placed around her neck! Joey said that next year he wants to run it too, so we'll make it a family affair. A coworker of Joe's took a picture of us at the finish line--I'll post it when I get a copy.

My race report is short. I didn't pr today, but did for the first two miles: 16 minutes. The last mile of the 5k would've been much better had I not had tummy issues. Mile 3 was 12 minutes, but that included a much needed potty stop. So, on to bigger things: next weekend is the Carytown 10k that I'll be running with my husband and father in law the day after graduation.

I blame my poor last mile on my lack of sleep. Friday night I was having stress dreams. I was nervous about saturday's run, but come on, it was just 3 miles and I don't have school work looming over my head.... As it turns out right after we got home from the 5k I got a call from an Air Force woman, whose first words were "We don't want you to worry but your son is ok..." BAD word choice, but I guess it's better than "Please sit down Mrs. Oliver, we have something to tell you." Cue the twighlight zone music. #1 Son Jim (who's 23 yrs old) is in Thailand for his annual two week National Guard duty, doing joint training w/ the thai army. Turns out he had to have an emergency appendectomy yesterday! With the time difference, I think that explains my stress dreams. Luckily Jim was able to get through to us right after the Air Force chick called. He was pretty groggy, but said the thai hospital was quite nice, and all the nurses and doctors were taking really good care of him. In a way it's a good thing this happened when it did--had he been at home in New Orleans, I'm not sure he would've gone to the doctor when he was puking and having abdominal pain. Heck, I don't think the kid even has health insurance, but since he was on active duty when it happened, the Army will pick up the tab! They'lll keep him in the hospital for 2-3 days and then decide whether or not he can serve out the rest of the tour at a desk job or be sent home. I hope to be able to get through to him tonight, which will be tomorrow morning in Thailand, and get an update on his condition.
Ah, kids.


SusieQ said...

Yikes!! What a phone call - glad to hear he is on the mend.


Jennifer Cunnane said...

Glad to hear your son is doing better! Eat up some chocolate on Mother's day to celebrate!

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...
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BreeWee said...

Happy Mom's day! Your family is beautiful! Sure hope your son feels better soon... I look forward to cheering you on in your first Ironman!

fave said...

1. I am SO proud of Maddy in her first 5k.
2. I am also doing the 10k this weekend!!!
3. Sorry to ditch you on the bike yesterday. It was raining. I'm a wuss...sometimes.
4. Holy appedectemy, batman! Glad to hear he is feeling well.

kerrie said...

did i read that right? you have a 23 year old? wow, you might actually have more years between your kids than i do! good job on gutting it out in the race and congrats to maddie as well :). i hope you had a splendid mama's day!

tryingtotri said...

Scary start to a phone call!! Glad to hear he is OK. I hope you have had a chance to talk to him.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

YEA for Maddy!!!

Glad to hear that your son will be okay. My Other Half had an emergency appendectomy in college. Poory guy. But the nurses gave him lots of special attention and TLC. Except for when one gave him a bit too much morphine, and the poor guy threw up. Yeah - not a good thing to do when you've just had an appendectomy :)