Friday, November 28, 2008

So Thankful

I am thankful for:

My family. #1 Son Jim came in yesterday, so I had my whole family together for the first time since...January? I can't remember. (Jim just reminded me he was home in May for my graduation.) But we had a great meal, and even my aunt and uncle came from Williamsburg.

My training buddies. Where would I be without the TriGirls? They are my extended family. After yesterday's Turkey Trot, Ironman Sharon was commenting how running a race without your training buddies is hard. I know I never could have trained for an Ironman alone. Thank you girls for being such good friends and for carrying me across that finish line.

Our comfortable life. My husband works hard (he even went up to Northern Virginia last night to work the midnight madness/black Friday sale at one of his stores) to provide us a nice home, good food, vacations, and some little luxuries (like good wine). The coming year will be tough, but it means so much that he has a job he loves and is good at.

Good health. I am grateful for my family's health and healthy habits. Even when Joey ends up in the ER, I am reminded that there are families out there dealing with more severe health issues than us. While diabetes is no cake walk, it is manageable. Now, if we can get Jim back into running... (Last night in our post-turkey delirium Jim and I were watching TV and commented at the commercials for video games for toddlers that "GET THEM MOVING" kinda like a wii set up for the under 4 crowd. Ack. If you want to get the kids moving, turn off the TV and make them play outside.)

My coaches. They believe in me and push me. Along with my training partners, they made it possible for me to cross that finish line and have become trusted friends in the process.

My online friends. I haven't met many of them, but feel like we have known eachother a long time. These women make me laugh, cry, and be inspired. Even though the great majority of them are more accomplished athletes, they celebrate my successes with me and motivate me to give my all to our sport.

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.


Pedergraham said...

What a great post. hope your #1 gets to stick around for a nice visit.

kerrie said...

very nice - i still need to do one of these posts! i hope that you had a great day with everyone!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice post!! I hope you had a good Thanksgiving!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha! Yes - lots to be thankful for... :) Hope that you and yours had a great one!

Mel said...

Great post and a lot to be thankful for.....How is the construction going:) hanging in there???

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Awww I love the post, and cannot wait to finally meet you in person in FL for camp, and of course, Eagleman - I am thankful for blog friends like you!

Eileen Swanson said...

You are so right, we should all be so thankful for our health!!