Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cold, not too cold, and colds

My daughter Maddy has jumped into training for the Monument Ave 10k (March 28th) this week. She had been going to the 10k training sessions at school on Weds and Fri mornings, which include some strength training and other exercises but little actual "running." Before Monday she had run a total of 5 miles in her training so far. Tuesday morning, she and I ran together, getting out the door at 6:45--which for me is a miracle--into very cold temps (it was below 20). Maddy agreed to try our 3 mile loop from last year's Komen 5k, which winds down to UofR and around the lake, and back. She ran pretty much the whole way in 36 minutes! This morning, she ran again with Joe and did the same loop in about as much time and has even said she'd like to try out for the track team. The best part was, while dropping her at school, she said, "Thanks Mom. I had a good time running with you." I love running with my Moo!

Yesterday I headed out for a 3 hour bike ride with Jen. It was great weather, sunny and not too cold with a high projected of 54 degrees. We hit the roads south of the airport, and tootled along enjoying the sun, minimal traffic, and company. The only issue was the flowing rivers of snot. Here are the pics: of us before the ride, and of my jacket after the ride. Eeeewwww.

Said rivers of snot are now a full blown head cold. Joey has been sniffly of late too, but considering the fun illnesses (read: pukies) several friends have dealt with so far this winter, I think we've done well to have avoided getting sick until now. I am hoping I can skip the part where the cold turns into a sinus infection. With Tucson tri camp just two weeks away I am going to throw everything at it but the kitchen sink (Emergen-C, Muscinex, Zicam, vitamins, soup, sleep...) to preclude that. Any suggestions?


Sherry said...

I really hope you feel better soon. I'm going on week 5 now. I got rid of one cold just to get another when I went to NJ this past weekend. It's been a terrible cold/flu season!

Ooohhh... another tri camp! Lucky you! Can't wait to read the recap and see the pics! :o)

tri-ing races not cases said...

I hope you avoid a full blown cold. Cold weather and snot rockets are synonymous; I think I lost two pounds of snot last Saturday on our ride.

TriGirl 40 (okay - 41) said...

The jacket is impressive proof. Hope you are feeling better. Zicam sometimes works for me. And lots of juice and water.

GoBigGreen said...

I actually read something that said if you are a chronic nose blower ( as opposed to a chronic snot rocketer?) that IF there is an infection brewing you can blow it back into your sinus cavities. Makes sense sorta?

REST is a biggie... and i tend to wear glasses anytime i can even running outside ( clear ones if it is cloudy or snowing) bc i feel it helps protect my eyes from the wind.

You could also get some OTC Saline drops, just to keep it moist and clean. Dont blow afterwards. And really..I am totally wanting to get a prescription to have with me in tucson..just in case!
See you soon!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hang in there! Fingers crossed that you don't get sick!!! :) I was told to try the Neti pot... I couldn't find one at Target or a drug store - but I KNOW they exist. Supposedly they're really good for flushing out the sinuses... :) Hang in there! Rest, relax, and skip a workout or two if you're feeling bad. I missed 3 weeks of swimming - BUT I'm back in the pool and so far (knock on wood), the sinuses feel better. If you go on meds, Augmentin 875 works well - at least it did for me. Maybe you can go to the doc and they can give you to prevent it from becoming a sinus infection...? Like put you on meds just so the crap in your sinuses doesn't become bacterial? A bit unorthodox, but it works... good luck!

Denise W said...

Not too much advice here...Mackenzie and I both came home from the Wizards game sick as snot. Earache, runny/stuffy nose, fever, sore throat. Yuck. I have been doing Zicam, taking pain reliever, and downing Airborne. I also drink a ton of anything w/ vitamin C. Right now my favorite is the Ocean Spray ruby red grapefruit flavor packets you put in your bottled water....100% of your daily C in it. Feel better soon.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Sinus implants! Ha, just kidding, thinking about you guys and hope the ickies clear up soon! You know what I think of sinuses - and had my fill of them with many infections a year. Best bet is to rest a lot and buy the grossan hydro cleaning thingy I told you about!