Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where the heck is Camp Buehring anyways?

The past month has been a busy one, and these days I barely have enough energy to look at the computer much less blog or even check facebook.  I will summarize:

1.  Main family news:  #1 Son has deployed.  I was able to get down to New Orleans (and drive to Camp Shelby) for Tiger Day, the last day families were allowed to visit their soldiers predeployment.  It was a bittersweet day--we had a nice time (just under 5 hours) hanging out, but at 4:45 just before we had to leave the camp, there were lots of tears being shed.  I am so very proud of him--soldiers really are a special breed.  ADC's facebook post a couple weeks ago said it best, and please let me paraphrase: "A Veteran is someone who at one point in their life wrote a blank check made payable to their country, for an amount up to, and including, their life! That is honor! THANK A SOLDIER!!"  Some pics from my visit with him:

2.  Other family news:  Maddy was in her school play last weekend.  The entire cast and crew worked SO HARD, and it showed.  The week leading up to the performances, they were in practice every night past 6, dress rehearsal nights past 7, and she was still able to keep up (mostly) with her homework, dance class on 2 nights/week, and volleyball on Sundays.  I think she's still recovering, and digging out of the "in over her head" hole.  We are very proud of her!  Way to go, Quince!

3.  I started working on a project for a national flooring company, helping them with the room schemes for their next catalogue.  The job is a 40 minute drive from home, and I work from 8 until about 5.  Fitting in workouts has been interesting and basically means more early mornings!  The job is tough--I am busy the entire time.  We shoot at least 2 "rooms" a day, so that means making sure the floors are installed well, placing all the furniture, staging it (Pier 1 is not going to like it when I return all those accessories...), and then helping the photographer decide on the angles, lighting, and if things should be moved around.

....ok so I started the post back in March and I'm just now (late April) publishing it.  Life does get in the way.

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