Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Musings

1.  We had the MOST gorgeous weather at the beach on Tuesday.  Joe and I headed out around 9 for a short run.  Although we complained to each other the whole way down how hot it was, something happened after we turned for home.  The until-then calm was gone, the wind picked up (hello, headwind), and thus cooled we happily trotted back and jumped in the ocean.  The water temperature was in the low 70s and perfect.  With the wind there were quite a few waves, but the tide was out and you could stand out there in the water forever diving through 2-3 foot waves.  Sophie got to ride a few waves too.

2.  We got alot done while at the beach house.  The outdoor shower now has new plywood, we have new (NICE!) chaises and hammock for the pool deck, my parent's old Mexican sideboard was delivered and stocked with lots of games and puzzles, and Maddy's room was reorganized with new lamps and TV stand.  I also was able to get the drapes hemmed and rehang some window treatments and mirrors. Whew.  I will leave the cleaning to others before the renters come in this weekend.  Unfortunately we don't have the house to ourselves again until late August.  Boo.

3.  I am hydrating and trying to keep on top of my nutrition this week because....

4.  I have a race this weekend!  Ack.  Eagleman.  Maybe if I go into it like I did Rev3 I'll pr...

5.  On Saturday, Melissa and I headed out for a ride.  Cheeks were on seats at 7:10 and by 7:12 we were sweaty and hot.  Heat acclimation for E-man--Check!  I was glad to be done and off the bike by 9am.  

6.  On Sunday morning, Joe and I ran the Stratford Hills 10k.  It would've been an awesome run in say April or November, but that day at the 8am race start it was already hot and HUMID.  Here are Sunday's actual temps (Saturday were almost exactly the same.)

Heat acclimation for E-man--Check Check!  No pr, but just a run that was a slog fest and one I was happy to be done with.  I must say, I love the race pic of me at mile 5.  Check out my quad!

7.  We are pretty excited to have new neighbors!  Welcome Melissa and Greg.

8.  News like this is a grim reminder of how others sacrifice for us.  Thank you to all our service members and their families! 

9.  The next two weekends are busy busy busy with races and weddings.  Lots to celebrate.  Then it's on to California!  3 weeks in wine country, with a little Yosemite and Vineman thrown in.  Can't wait to see friends and drink wine.  Yippee!


GoBigGreen said...

Good luck this weekend! You will do great, and you know the course, and you have done the work in the heat! Go have fun!!! ( oh and suffer some too)
nice quad!!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you are having a good time and lots of productivity at the beach. Good luck this weekend....kick some EagleMan bootie!!

That IS a great picture, love it!

ADC said...

Good luck at Eagleman this weekend, you will do awesome.

SusieQ said...

You have so many fun & cool things going on right now :)

Hope to join you all on a ride sometime this summer - love riding in Goochland!

Lynn said...

Can I tag along to CA in your suitcase? Won't drink too much wine... wait a minute, what am I saying?

Kim said...

weee woohooo for vineman! good luck this weekend, you will kick some butt.