Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello again!

Several fine folks had left little messages on Facebook asking when I was going to update my blog, but that was over 2 months ago!  Do you really care about a few missing race reports, beach trip happenings, job to do-ings?  At this point, there is just too much to catch up on and the thought of bringing the world up to speed on life chez moi is overwhelming.  Let's instead just summarize, shall we?
  • Trip to California this summer was awesome.  3 weeks spent in wine country, doing some training, visiting some wineries, and hanging out with the inlaws is rough, I know.  Vineman, however, was no cakewalk.  A gorgeous race, a shame the swim was so darn shallow.  After the turn around, my hands were scraping bottom for most of the way back to transition.  Bumpy, technical bike course.  I need to get over my chickensh*t fear of descending.  You pass winery after winery, thinking "if only I could stop and taste..."  It got pretty darn hot.  I stopped half way up Chalk Hill to give some spare salt tabs to a guy whose quads were totally cramping up in a horrible way (he repassed me on the bike, only for me to pass him on the run with his legs locked up again).  The run was HOT and HILLY.  No personal best, but so glad it was done.  Hung out with fun friends post race!  Molly = best Vineman sherpa ever. 
  • Beach time!  Only one week this year, and interrupted with showhouse to-doings and threatened hurricanes.  Ate, drank, lounged, didn't train much but got my butt handed to me on a Fat Frog ride.  I have totally fallen off the workout wagon this fall, averaging a whopping 3 workouts a week (if that...)  Can you say LAZY ASS?!  It has been nice though, to just run when I want, eat what I want, drink what I want and decompress.  Job stress is at an all time high in our house, and I needed the break away from that aspect of my life to make room for other concerns. 
  • Richmond Symphony Designer Showhouse.  I loved my room, and felt that everything that went in it was absolutely perfect.  There was some nail biting at getting the wallpaper in on time, but it all worked itself out.  Here are some pics: 

  • I'm back at work for a 6 week stint with Lumber Liquidators.  It's challenging coming up with 2 "designed" rooms to be photographed per day, especially in the same two spaces where the walls are never repainted and the windows are not in places they'd be in a real house.  Having new "stuff" (furniture, pillows, art and accessories) is nice at the beginning, but it all gets old after having been in one or two shoots.  Click here, here, and here for examples of what I did for them back in March.
  • I did do another triathlon this season, on a whim, in late August.  An all-women sprint of 300m pool swim, 14mi bike, 5k run.  I didn't do so bad, but not too well either.  I was slow on the swim, and I even passed about 5 people in the pool.  The bike was great!  I just hunkered down and tried to hammer.  Passed a slew of folks.  The run sucked!  When you stop running for 3 weeks, even a lousy 5k is tough and I got passed by many of the girls I had passed on the bike.  I think I placed 11th in my age group. On the positive side, I was able to break in the new tri kit.  Check it out:

  • It's fall!  Cooler weather, changing leaves, kids back in school, Kate back in school.  I'm taking a new computer class to learn new AutoCAD software--LOVE IT!  Will make drawings and plans so much easier!  We have been to the beach house almost every weekend this month, and were in the ocean just this past Sunday (ocean temps were 65 degrees).  As Jen would say, "Lovely!"  I have been much better this week about getting back into "training" mode.  Or should I say "base building mode" since....
  • I'm signed up for IM Coeur d'Alene next year!  Ack.  Back on the crazy train with 30 of my closest friends.   I'm looking forward to Jen's TriCamp in AZ yet again this year, with Bethany in tow!  Hooray for company on the grind up Lemmon.
  • #1 Son is still in Iraq, but should be home for Christmas!  While we were brewing in hot temps here this summer, he reminded us that 100 was downright chilly where he was.  It'll be so nice to have him home.
  • Kids are good and enjoying their last year of elementary and middle school, respectively.  We already had our first high school information session.  I can't be old enough to have a high-schooler.  Joey is a flag safety (raises and lowers the flag every day), and made Safety of the month and Safety Captain.  He was so proud.
I'll try hard to update more regularly, especially as the training gets back into full swing.  I hope everyone enjoys their off-season, no matter how long  or short!!


Molly said...

Yay for the update!!! Glad to see you are keeping busy and all is well. I was meaning to ask when the big IMCDA training begins...I suppose you can at least get through the holidays before it gets busy :-)

Kim said...

Welcome back sister. I've missed you. Hope to see you in 2011 for some drinking???

ADC said...

Yay, the blog is back. Glad to hear all is well and i can't wait to see you in Tucson in March :))))

D said...

OMG! Can you pppplllleeeeaaaaaase come to Canada and design my condo? It's not very big :)

CdA! Exciting! Not sure if I'll be able to make that trip again next year, but if I do rest assured the super spectathlete will be yelling your name lots!

GoBigGreen said...

Hi stranger:) good to talk to you yesterday and thanks for more updates, love it:)

Melissa said...

Yeah you are back! I love love love the pictures of the room. After you are done with D's condo please just pop down to Colorado and do our house? Thanks.

I'm excited for Tuscon!!! It's going to be so much fun, in a suffering way ;-)

Melissa said...

Wow! You have a lot going on. My nephew is in Iraq as well. Just sent him some oreos and other junk. I hope they are home soon. C'Ordlene hu?