Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back in the Water

Last night was my first night back (not as if I was ever a regular attendee) to Master's swimming at the Y, coached by John Pace. I had not been in the pool for a workout since, like August, and was wondering if I would remember how to swim, much less stay afloat. I plunked myself down in the slow lane and set off on the 300m warm up. What do you know?! I didn't drown, and actually kept a decent enough pace that when it came time to do the main set, John cut the intervals by 10 seconds.
I kept my 100m pace to an even 2:00 throughout the workout, feeling good that I didn't slow down towards the end. I thought I did just fine, so when I was leaving the workout and stopped to chat with John, he called me on the carpet for messing up the intervals. Oops. I guess next time I should wear goggles that don't fog up, in order to better see that clock. I also need to bring along my Tums since swimming laps gives me such bad heartburn, especially in the evening before I've eaten dinner. (Should we put this one down as wierdness #8?)

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