Friday, March 7, 2008

Pesky problems

Here it is just one week before the Shamrock half marathon, and due to my sporadic running and attempts to up my milage, my IT band is letting me know that I'm not doing things right. I have a doctor/PT appointment for Wednesday morning--Kent, my therapist who worked with me after my ACL surgery, is warming up his thumbs to work out all that bad juju. Didn't I just post something about him looking forward to seeing me more? Coach Mark agrees that with the larger prize out there this fall, the prudent course of action is to take it easy now, resolve the IT issue and then build back up slowly starting in May.
On a separate note, I've always lamented that despite my swanky bike and wheels, I'm still slow as molasses on the bike--at least when we're cycling outside. Inside I'm FAST. Yeah, right. But I've been trying to use the indoor cycling training to improve my cadence, especially in the higher gears. I was pleased as pie yesterday when Coach Blake commented on a perceived improvement in my cycling. I hope it makes a difference when we get back outside.
Today we start back in the pool with Som. Yey!

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