Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looking back...looking ahead

It's hard to believe my triathlon season ended over a month ago. Here it is almost fall and in my most recent coversation with Jen we agreed that I don't need to swim any more this year. I know, some of you are crying me a river, but I'm not sure that I'm all that happy about it. I think I'm a decent swimmer, so time in the pool is ok, especially with my friends training for IMFL. I have also only been on my bike twice since Placid! Two weeks ago I rode with Fave, Lynn, Jill, and Emmie who absolutely kicked my ass on a 56 mile ride. Maybe I should get on my bike more so I don't forget how to ride. Here we are at the start of the ride, hoping the thunderstorms and crazy rain we drove through to the start wouldn't dog us for the next 3 hours:

Whatever, I'm not training for anything requiring a swimsuit or bike. I am, however, supposed to be marathon training...

Yeah, I've got this little 26.2 mile run hanging over my head in late October. The Marine Corps Marathon. And I think the friend I had talked into running it with me is going to bag on me. Something about new babies and jobs...blah blah blah. (Yeah, Bob, I'm calling you out on my blog...) The problem is my running has been off since Placid. Did you read my previous post?! Just the thought of trying to slog through another marathon is freaking me out. I did run the Rock'n'Roll half marathon this past weekend at the beach, somewhat successfully. I was worried that since it was hot and humid I might bonk again. Luckily that didn't happen, but I didn't set any speed records either. Cue up the Marit quote about "slow, strong, steady" being the key for Ironman training. You don't see speed in there. I have this little voice in my head saying I should try hard and run a 4:30 (which would be a 20 minute PR for me!), so that's what Jen is going to have me doing--speed work. Fun times.

What went right last weekend? I paid attention to the two things I didn't get right in Placid: water and electrolytes. I took a salt tab every 2 miles, and a gu and water every 3 miles. I drank most of a gatorade just before starting too. I had been training in the nasty hot humid weather of the beach in August for the past 2 weeks (minus a couple of days while Tropical Storm Danny blew around). I had been out running at o'stupid o'clock--usually around 9:30 or 10 am. Those runs really sucked since it was generally around 90 degrees out. I couldn't make it more than 5 miles. Yuck. I must say, I'm pretty excited about this weekend's half--it was really affirming to know that I could 1) handle the heat and run smart and 2) run a consistent pace with minimal walking other than to down some etabs or water. Hooray for conquering a couple of little Placid demons. Here's a picture of me close to the finish line. Don't I look happy?!
Today's little 4 1/2 mile recovery run went well. I started out a little sluggish, but was able to pick up the pace in the middle and finish strong. I was very glad that it was in the low 70s and raining! Bring on the fall weather--isn't that why we like fall marathons?

While the rest of 2009 is pretty much planned, I've already started thinking about next year. Since it will be a year to develop speed, that means no Ironman Canada for me and that makes me a little sad. Instead it will be another year of early season triathlons and fall...I don't know what yet. Maybe road races, maybe just biking. So things I'm considering are:

  • Rev3 Olympic in Knoxville, TN May 9th
  • Columbia Olympic in Maryland on May 23rd (need to sign up soon)
  • Eagleman 1/2 Iron in Maryland on June 13th (signed up!)
  • Vineman 1/2 Iron in Sonoma, CA on July 18th. (sign ups are November 1st!!!)

I am also hoping to make it back for training with Jen in Tucson next spring (Sshhh...Joe doesn't know about that one yet.) I know I can make it to the top of Mt Lemmon, just give me a 1/2 hour head start!


Molly said...

Congrats on having a good half! That is big for you after all your worries! And yay for fall weather coming in time for your full - bonus!

Next year's schedule looks exciting! I still need to figure all of mine out, but rest assured we'll be at the same place at least once! :)

ADC said...

Great race - I knew you could do it. I am so excited to hear how the marathon goes.

Sherry said...

Way to go at RnR, Kate! I have learned this summer (and learned well) that when heat/humidity are a factor, salt intake and calories are more important than ever. SO glad that you nailed it this past weekend. Way to go!

I'm exicted to read more about your marathon training and all of the ups and downs. I'm considering doing my first this coming spring. I'm a slowbie runner, but dangit... I LOVE to run!

Ah... working on 2010's schedule!So much fun. I've got some ideas brewing as well, but I need to get them down on paper.

Jennifer Harrison said...

WHOA....wait...I never said you did NOT need to swim the REST of the year! I said 2 weeks off for now from the pool. HAHAHAHAHA. I taped it, just in case. LOL

I am just giving you a hard time....NEXT year will be fun. Eagleman again for me too!

AND....now you are a runner as we do the final push for the marathon!

Running in the fall - NOW that is fun! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Damn straight you are going up Lemmon all the way if i have to ride that first half hour with you i will! Keep on swimming you silly girl it is good for your legs and good cross training...keep me posted on your Nov 7 plans:) Shh i wont tell joe about Tucson...

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

HOORRAAAAYYYYY! Nice work on that run - you CAN do it! I think the speedwork will totally and completely help. You lucky duck you! :) :) :)

And a big Ooh-Rah! for the USMC Marathon - that is awesome!

You'll do great! Oh - and you look awesome in the pictures. VERY nice.

PS (before this gets too long) - LOVE your race season. And you KNOW how much I like that Vineman 'thingy'.... :)

Molly said...

And...I was kinda interested in Eagleman, but boy that sucker sold out fast.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Great job on your half!!! The nutrition is a big part of race day and now that you nailed it, the marathon will be a lot easier!! I cannot wait till Vineman next year!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good half...good luck in the marathon this fall! I love fall weather running, too...