Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Pictures

My apologies to Jen for plagarizing the title to this post...

The week before Christmas break, my dear friend Lynn came over to help decorate cookies the kids give to their teachers. It was a nice evening drinking wine, chatting, and playing with icing.

That Friday evening it started snowing! We had a total of over 11" in our neighborhood, so the kids spent a fun weekend sledding with friends. Joey was quite the entrepreneur with the snow shovel, and cleared many a walk and driveway earning over $50!
The kids and I loaded up the car on Monday and came down to the beach. I had a crazy couple of days trying to get everything ready for Christmas--buying a tree and decorating it, laying in food, and a some last minute shopping. I also was desperately tracking a package that was supposed to get to coach Jen, but was delayed by bad weather. Several of her athletes all went in on this. What a riot!

Joey came in to wake me up about 6:30 Christmas morning. He wasn't too interesting in snuggling with Mom, and instead was ready to start in on the present opening!

Joey's haul

One of two new bike jerseys for Mom--this one from DeLoach Winery

Sophie and her bone!

#1 Son and his Kindle

After opening gifts and playtime, we had a nice brunch--french toast and eggs Jefferson (like eggs benedict but with spinach and crab)--and went for a walk on the beach before it started POURING rain.

The finished 2000 piece puzzle

Maddy in her new "fur" coat

That night we had a quiet dinner and ended up watching the Nutcracker.  The following day the rain had stopped so Joe and I went for a run together.  That night was my friend Ginny's wedding in Norfolk--a very small, pleasant affair.  The Bride looked smashing!

VCU friends Ginny and Caroline

I haven't been so good about getting workouts in these past several weeks.  I did get on my bike yesterday and managed to avoid many of the 2-3" deep puddles in the roads, but my toes absolutely froze.  This week I hope to make one of the Fat Frog rides, but damn, they start early (7:30am!) 


runningyankee said...

whoa nelly. your cookies look professionally done! love the jersey- i should have asked santa for one.. but somehow didnt want to be reminded of training on xmas :) happy new year.

Molly said...

Your cookies look amazing! Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Kim said...

What a nice Christmas! The pictures are great! Love the new jersey and even the dog was happy!!'s the holiday.. don't be too hard on yourself about the workouts!

Jennifer Harrison said...

GREAT PICS! Nice to see a pic of your oldest son!

Glad you enjoyed Xmas!

And, I enjoyed (it is a gift that keeps on giving) my gift of KID ROCK! Thanks for organizing that! LOL

tri-ing races not cases said...

Thanks for sharing. Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful. Missed you on my trainer ride last weekend but Santa stocked us up with some new movies and DVDs. Enjoy the rest of your holiday at the beach!

kerrie said...

love the pictures! looks like a great christmas all around! but the best part is your present for jen - too funny! lol...i want to know where she puts it!

GoBigGreen said...

Lovely cookies! Yum.
Glad you had a good one and thanks for the call, We are finally slowing down here but thisam it was 5 on my run. GO RIDE OUTDOORS!!! do it for me!

ADC said...

Beautiful photos. How does your son like Kindle. Shaun wants one so that he can take it to Afghanistan and have enough to read.

Melissa said...

Love the jersey from the winery.. And that puzzle is awesome. Nice job getting that huge gift to Jen.

Anonymous said...

1) I'd like to put in an order for teacher cookies for next December 18th.
2) I need to know where you found a candy cane shaped dog rawhide chew.
3) You really need to shellac that puzzle and FRAME it! Just beautiful.
Happy New Year!!!

BreeWee said...

forget it, you totally win the award for super mom cookies! Mine look like frog skum compared to those! HOPE your 2010 is amazing!

TriGirl 40 Something said...

Love the winery bike jersey - and the beach pictures! Wishing you a great 2010.

Trigirlpink said...

Ok. I'll say it.
She ordered those cookies from Dean&Deluca and laid them out on the table, Didn't you Kate?

Come on... FESS UP

Poke Jen H for a February Challenge, maybe she can inspire us!!