Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're already how far into the new year?

I was reminded in an email that I haven't updated my blog in a while.  I must say that I have become a little lazy, figuring if you really need to know what's going on in my life you can check my Facebook page.  But there are quite a few things to flesh out now that we are, indeed, well into a new year. 

The Race Schedule

Jen H has her athletes fill out a goals form at the beginning of every year, listing A, B, and C races and other "want to accomplish" types of things.  I started filling mine out on New Year's Day, but still haven't finished it.  I am in a quandry on the why's and wherefore's of my racing this coming year.  Don't get me wrong, there are definitely races I'm signed up for and looking forward to, but once past Vineman in July there is a whole lot of NOTHING looming.  Do I want to do another fall marathon?  Do I try and squeak an IM-distance race past my hubby and go for Beach2Battleship?  Do I sign up for IMMoo or IMFL in 2011? (good reasons to do either, can't imagine doing both.  I think Jen would have to line up right behind Joe to throttle me if I did that.) 

There is also the whole "sick of being slow" sickness going around.  Anyone who did IM distance races last year, with the exception of quite a few of my local training buddies, are swearing off them for at least another year and are focused on SPEED!  Frankly it kinda scares me that even with that as a goal, I may still end up woefully slow.  All my "benchmark" road races--in which I would seriously try to set a PR--fall on dates that don't mesh with the training schedule.  I will be gone for the Monument Ave 10k.  Carytown 10k is the weekend after my first big race.  Then there's Shamrock.  Do I go for that sub 2hr half just 4 days before climbing Mt. Lemmon?!  Jen says no.  Damn damn damn.  Can't win for trying.

Amidst all this race schedule planning, Joe and I need to fit in some other stuff.  Going to New Orleans to see Jim before he deploys to Iraq.  Vacationing in California and hiking in Yosemite, just before Vineman.  As always, none of this racing or traveling is free.  Since Joe changed jobs last year, finances are a little tighter, spoiling any plans for new kitchens, major beach house repairs, and a Powertap.  We are very lucky--Joe has a good job, we have food on the table and a roof over our head, and we can still afford some luxuries (thank you, Belmont Butchery!) but it's still a joy-kill. 

Anyways, back to the race schedule.  So far it looks like this:
  • Next weekend, Frostbite 15k.  LOTS of friends running, including Joe, so it should be a good time.  I've signed up for this race 3 times, and never run it.  This year there's no backing out.
  • Mar 21st Shamrock 1/2 Marathon (I guess Jen should be glad I'm not doing the Dolphin Challenge--8k on Sat, 1/2 mary on Sun)
  • Mar 24-28th Tricamp in AZ!!!
  • May 8th Rev3 Oly Knoxville, TN (still trying to talk Lynn into this, but if not will see Florida tricamp buddies there!)
  • June 13th Eagleman (this time NO BONKING! More on this later)
  • July 18th Vineman (with Marit and some new friends!)
Mixed in there will also be a couple of small local triathlons.  Still on the want to do list:
  • a 10k--one that I can go for a sub 50 on.  My pr is 52:30 so it's do-able.  Now I just have to find a 10k that fits in the schedule...
  • The Army 10 Miler.  I LOVE this race.  This year was huge for me--took 10 whole minutes off my best time.  I'm 1:31 away from breaking 1:30:00 and I know I can do it.  Maybe this year I can talk Joe into running with me!
  • Patriot 1/2 in September.  Last time I did this race I DNF'd.  Time to finish some un-finished business.
Nutrition Issues

This has been a perennial entry on my "want to accomplish" list--nailing down my nutrition, on race day and otherwise.  I really am sick of bonking on runs in IM and half iron distance races.  Plus, if I could move some stuff around, like take away what's on the back of my hips and put it instead into more muscular thighs, it could only help my running.  "Lean up" instead of slim down.  ELF mentioned something about body composition having the most impact on your running/speed (we won't go into the "consistency in training thing") so we'll see what I can accomplish on this front.  I have been much better so far this year about cutting out the weekday-night drinking.  1-2 glasses of wine a night was the norm, so I now try to keep any alcohol intake to Friday/Saturday only. (Although last night was an exception.  Nothing like kids vomiting, dogs pooping, and giving blood all in one morning to make one turn to alcohol.  I was glad to be able to hold out until 7pm before pouring a large glass.)  Poor Joe isn't very happy with me, says it makes him feel like a lush if he's drinking alone.

The Job Search

In the past month, I've started an honest job search.  I can't believe it's been 18 months years since I finished the Master's program at VCU!  Time flies, especially when training for two IMs and a marathon.  It is time to get serious on this front.  The kids are in a good place--happy in their respective schools with some, but not too many, after school activities.  They are pretty self-sufficient, as long as there is someone around to monitor Joey's eating/blood sugars.  While it seems most of the great jobs are in DC and NY, I have found a couple of leads worth pursuing.  I even have a job interview this Friday!  This would also help the Oliver-household finances, and maybe even pay for a new kitchen...  I have put together an online portfolio.  You can see it here.


Soon my daughter celebrates her 13th birthday, and just after that I will celebrate turning 29 for the 13th time.  I can't believe I will be 42--that's just not possible.  I feel like I should be 34ish.  Is there someway to just stop aging?  Or should I just not celebrate it at all, and let it pass hopefully into obsurity?  NAH!  Maddy's having some girlfriends down to the beach house, so I figured I could invite some too!  Hopefully we'll get a good group and all have  a girly-girly weekend!

This week is test week for me.  Soon I'll be off to do the dreaded swim test.  Ack.  Wish me luck.  I did pack the new goggles!


Molly said...

GOOD LUCK with the tests!!!!! An exciting year ahead for you, for sure :) I'm looking forward to seeing you in Knoxville and wine country! Speaking of which, I need to find out what everyone is thinking for hotels for Rev3...

Kim said...

kate, i'm with you - i havent turned in my race goals sheet to Jen either! it's hard to put these goals down on paper! and no IM for me this year - total speed in 2010.

and vineman!! yay, i cant wait to meet you and hang out with you, marit and the girls drinking wine!

Pedergraham said...

Alright count me in as a third that has not gotten Jen a race schedule yet. :) I hope Friday goes really well. Keep us posted. Can I invite myself along to Knoxville? I just need someone to tell me what to do next year!

runningyankee said...

woo woo! i'll see you in tucson and rev 3 :) yippie!!! i know this is going to be a great year for you. you always have a ton going on and find a way to make the best of it all.

D said...

I've been known to give people shit for writing looooong posts and not reading them, but you took such a blog break I just had to read! Lots of stuff going on.

Oh and you should celebrate your birthday as whatever age you feel like - if it's 34, then Happy 34th! :)

ADC said...

OMG Kate, that is a great portfolio. You are so talented. Wow!!!
I cannot believe you will be 42 soon. You sooo look in your 30s.

Sorry for picking on you in my email re the blog but I am so glad you have updated it - yay!!!

It sounds like a really good racing year. So much fun. I may come and join you guys at Vineman (not racing just supporting you guys) but I probably won't know that until quite close to the race.

Jennifer Cunnane said...

You have a lot of exciting things going on!!! I am so bummed I missed the sign up for vineman, although I heard there might be some charity slots. Keep moving forward on all fronts like you have been... you do such a good job of balancing everything!

GoBigGreen said...

You are doing IMOO, missy:) FLA ? no!
I know it is weird to look at a calender and think that it is so far off, but lots of our local races are open now! EEks!
Rev 3 will be great I am tempted and if for some reason Lonestar doesnt pan out with my sister I will be there.
Breathe and take it one day at a time! Lemmon or bust!

tri-ing races not cases said...

Think about adding August Luray Olympic to your schedule. Am psyched to race Eagleman with you this year. Here's to no bonking and PRs there. You're on your way after your great swim test!

Anonymous said...

Quite the busy year ahead! I'm with Joe...nightly glass of vino makes me cuddly and happy, not stressed and I'll just be a lush I guess :-)
BTW...42 is not a biggie. Just wait'll you get past that!

Melissa said...

I know what mean about fitting in the races around regular life. Sometimes it is so challenging. Training for tri DOES make me feel like I'm not acting my age. I think that's why I love it so much. Good luck with your swim test!!

Ange said...

you have a lot going on!! I think there are a handful of for sure that want SPEED from Jen!!! :)
Looking forward to AZ too!!!

Jennifer said...

I don't see MoM on your schedule!

Kim said...

You have a lot going on lady. Don't worry.. one step at a time. We've got time to get things figured out and you are going to make loads of progress this year!