Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting Back in the Game?

I think I may have done myself a disservice. After getting back from Timberman, I was tired. Really tired. With the travelling my nutrition has been off which probably hasn't helped matters. So, I must sheepishly confess that I did absolutely nothing this week (unless you call laundry, house cleaning, doctors/nutritionist/pt appts, and grocery shopping nothing) and I may have hurt myself in the process. My knees hurt after Timberman, but after 2 days of popping Advil they were fine. Yesterday we had a scheduled 1 hr bike and 16 mile run--but I could only run 10 before my knee was really hurting. The really frustrating part is I just started back in with PT for the Bakers cyst on the right knee, but it was my left knee that hurt during the run. A very familiar kind of hurt. ITB syndrome hurt. I can't tell you how pissed off, frustrated, and scared I am. Here I am just 2 months out from Florida, having been running pain free for a while, and now I'm back in the land of the unhappy. I'm so sick of this. Monday I'll report back to the PT, and in the meantime I'll stick to the foam roller/stick of pain/ice massage routine. We'll see what he says. I know I've got some glute strength/mechanical issues that are part of the problem so I'll dig into working on them. I also am going to try a few new things like acupuncture....

On anther note, I've been meaning to post about our last day in New England. We drove down to Gloucester, MA Monday morning to take the kids whale watching. Maddy is totally into whales right now (she sleeps with 3 stuffed ones), and joined a whale conservation support club. There never is any guarantee that you'll see whales on these cruises, but the weather was perfect and we were optimistic. We ended up finding a pod of 6 humpacks, 2 of which were juveniles. The young whales couldn't dive deep for food, so it made them easier to follow, and boy--they didn't disappoint! At the end of our time on the water, the young whales were breaching! I never thought we'd see them so close up, and then to have them splashing around was just amazing. I wish now I had a better camera, but here are some pictures.


Kate said...

Sorry about the knee, looks like we are both in the same situation here. I am benched for 2 weeks minimum.

Hope you heal fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing? hee hee. LOVE the whale pics, I am so glad you and the kid and Joe had a nice time after Timberman!!! Kids are soo cute. :) Jen h.