Thursday, August 7, 2008

Getting Caught Up (part 2)

Monday was Joey's birthday. I can't believe my sweet man is 9 years old. It was the birthday of all things Star Wars. He got to open one present that morning--more legos of course--and had a good time putting it together while I went for a run. Joe took the afternoon off and we went to Water Country outside Williamsburg to play! On the agenda for the evening, per Joey's request, was dinner at the japanese steak house (which due to getting home from the water park late was postponed until Wednesday night), and more present opening, and cupcakes. The birthday party with his buddies was Tuesday. Laser tag, followed by more cupcakes and ice cream chez Oliver.
Joey on the Hubba Hubba Highway.

Joey and his dad.

Kate caught in a really FLATTERING pose!

Joey and his buddies.

There are some training related lessons I've learned over the past week:

  • Last weekend I was in bed, curled up on my side, and ASLEEP by 9:30 Friday (due to the 4:30 wake up call), Saturday (post 70 mile bike), AND Sunday (why not!?). I have decided early bed times are a good thing. Usually Joe and I trundle up to bed around 10:30 or even 11, and then between brushing teeth, 'jaminating, and reading it's pushing 11:30 when we turn off the lights. I'll be hard pressed to do that on Tuesday nights, since the late workout means dinner at 9pm and there's still another snack to eat before bed.
  • Tina the nutritionist has me eating all the time. I've been saying "I can't go to bed yet, honey. I need to eat more food" quite often. In addition to more sleep, the more food has been a good thing. I'm not bonking during workouts, but if I miss that pre-work out snack, or not eat enough at lunch, I really notice it during the next training session. Maybe I should push dinner up to 6pm?
  • I've been running at the wrong time of day (usually after 10:30am) when it starts getting really hot out, and inevitably feel that my runs suck. I will be well acclimated to the heat for the run portion of Timberman next weekend. I'm have my fuel belt, and there's the water along the course. I may even throw a small wash cloth in my transition area to bring with me and dunk in ice water if it gets really warm. Anything to simulate my dropped-cooler West Creek runs.
  • My 350 calorie/hr plan on the 70 mile bike worked well, even if I had to take in gu's. The missing piece to this puzzle is now the electrolytes. I have another meeting with Tina today, and I'll try out her suggestions this weekend during my ride and long run.

The rest of this week is more of the same: training, eating, sleeping. We leave next Wednesday for Boston, then drive up to New Hampshire on Thursday for Timberman. It should be a fun weekend! Happy training everyone.


rr said...

Who is that bald dude with your son?! LOL. He looks great - some men can pull it off.

Happy birthday to your Joey!

I'm a 350/hr on the bike too.. I use infinit and put the electrolytes in it, so I don't have to bother with salt tabs. Let me know if you want me to email my formula.

Anonymous said...

OH! Spoken like a true Ironman, Kate! Happy belated bday to Joey too! Jen H. :)

tri-ing races not cases said...

Tina had me try some electrolyte tabs that pretty much remind me of those breath mint tabs. Will bring some extras for you to try out. I also tried electrolyte tabs - have some of those too if you want to try them.

Sounds like progress. And don't you love when she says - you need to eat more? those are always my fav sessions.

kerrie said...

happy belated birthday to joey! we have a birthday coming up in our house soon ;). like rr, i also use liquid nutrition but i rarely go above 300 in an ironman, and a little less on the run(and more like 250 in a half). you may find that you need to 'tone down' the calories when racing since your body is working a little harder and can't digest as much as it can when you are training. hth ;)