Friday, October 3, 2008

The best laid plans

Yesterday I headed out for a long bike ride. It was gorgeous outside, crisp and a little on the chilly side, but promising to warm up nicely. I planned to warm up with a lap or two at West Creek, then head out to Miller's Lane for a few hills, and then back through Manakin. I had my new arm warmers on, nutrition loaded up, and I was feeling good. Got 20 miles. I should've just kept going, but I thought my rear tire looked a little low, so I stopped at my car to check the pressure. The damn presta valve came clean off the stem in my hand--augh. No more biking. I had not taken the zipps off the bike from last weekend, and I don't have a spare tube for those wheels. After cussing a little, and wondering how long it might take me to drive home, swap wheels, and drive back out, I decided just to throw on the running shoes and do the loop. It was, after all, still a beautiful day for a run. Today I headed back out to West Creek again, with my regular wheels back on the bike, and got in another 2 hour ride. While riding, I got a call from the guys at Guru--my new bike will be in next week! I can't wait!

I love this fall weather. We're sleeping with the windows open, and it gets nice and chilly in the morning. Perfect running weather, but I would prefer sleeping IN weather. On tap for tomorrow is our last long run (22 miles) starting at 7am, but only AFTER an hour on the trainer. Yawn. I better go check to make sure we have coffee.

Happy running!


Jennifer Cunnane said...

YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!! Wow, I cannot believe how close you are to your first IM! I hate it when you have finite time and your bike decides to go and piss on you by having a mechanical failure. You did a great job turning lemons into lemonade by still squeezing in your workouts!

Kate said...

New bike...ooh, I am jealous. Great job on the 22 mile run Kate!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

You're doing great! Keep it up!!! Can't wait to see the new bike photos - that is SO exciting!!!

Denise W said...

Hey Kate!
What kind of bike are you getting? Will you be used to it by the IM?