Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is it time to panic yet?

Does anyone remember that scene from "Diamonds are Forever" where Sean Connery and Jill St. John are on this oil rig and some guy keeps counting down, "SEVEN SECONDS AND COUNTING" while all hell breaks loose? I've got that voice stuck in my head, but it's saying "17 days and counting...."

I must say I'm doing alot of visualization--of myself running down the finish chute whiles Michael Reilly says, "Kate Oliver, YOU are an Ironman!" But that has also been tempered by dreams of being late to the swim start because I haven't organized all my stuff or pumped up my tires.

After last night's brick--our last out at West Creek for the year--Sharon and I went to Mojo's for a small "circle of happiness" hour. Our coaches say we're ready. I'm not sure I quite believe it. I felt more ready just after ChesapeakeMan than I do right now. Maybe part of it is the crash, or maybe it's that feeling that I think many people fall victim to of "oh my god, I haven't done everything I can to be ready." It could also be that I think I've caught whatever virus Maddy had at the beach last weekend, so I'm feeling run down and tired. Thank goodness this is our last long workout weekend, and it's just a 50mi bike/10mi run!


Fave said...

i have faith in you.

kerrie said...

no, it is not time to panic!!!! just remember how good it is going to feel to cross that finish line - that is when it all comes together! no matter what happens out there, make sure that you enjoy the day. GG and i went back down to the finish line in kona and watched the last two hours of was a fun time and everybody who finished was soooo happy and soaking up the atmosphere whereas i have seen guys finish in 10 hrs who are super pissed off(which seems silly after all of the work and sacrifices to get there...).

anywho, don't panic and just enjoy everything finally coming together;)

rr said...

You are so ready. You can't panic until you're strapping into your wetsuit. Then it's OK to cry - I always do!

You're going to rock it out there.

And Sean was the best James Bond ever.

Lynn said...

No need to panic... you have done the training and you are ready. The entire TG IMFL team is ready and I can't wait to cheer all of you on for your special day! Kate Oliver, you are going to be an Ironman!

Steve Stenzel said...

Enjoy these last few days!!!!

Mel said...

OH panic and No pressure...BUT you know I am totally looking up to you girl:) Go and get it done and have some fun....see that is what us "Normal" girls get to do!!! Have FUN...we are not doing it to prove anything or earn any $$$$$
Remember that!!! hugs!!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

I am right along with the nightmare of missing something or waking up to late, or god forbid, not get coffee in the a.m. before the race! 50/10 workout - are you slacking or something? What are you going to do with all your free time!