Sunday, October 19, 2008

The good, the bad, and the truly SCARY

First for the good:

Today we took the kids apple/pumpkin picking. It was the most gorgeous fall day--about 60 degrees, crisp, and not a cloud in the sky. Several years ago, Joe found a nice p.y.o. place about 20 minutes south of Wintergreen, in the Blue Ridge. Dickey Brothers Orchard has been in the same family since the 1750s! We try to get there at least once a year and on several occasions have sent some of their apple gift boxes. This year we went with a co-worker of Joe's, his wife, and daughter. We came home with 4 pumpkins and 54 lbs of apples. Mmmm mmmm. After that, we took a short hike up toward Crabtree Falls, on part of the Appalachian Trail. The family portrait was taken by hanging the camera in a tree. Here are the pictures (Bree, I tried to get shots of the foliage for you):

The bad:

I spent all day Friday in the hospital, keeping my uncle company while my aunt underwent surgery for cancer that was discovered earlier this week. Stage IV uterine cancer. She is facing a long haul of chemo and radiation after she recovers from the surgery which went well. Saturday's workout was something of a bust. I didn't get home from Williamsburg Friday until about 9:30--and getting up at 6:30 for our last long brick was not a fun prospect. I met up with Sharon and Shawn at 7:30, and I remember as I was pulling into the parking lot that they seemed overdressed--tights, jackets, ear name it, they were wearing it. Duh. It wasn't even 50 degrees that morning, and I was SEVERELY underdressed. I barely made it through 30 miles; it's hard to bike when you can't think straight for being so cold. When I got home I had to take Joey to the doctor (ear infection), but I was so tired I fell asleep in the waiting room. Joey apparently amused himself by taking pictures of his lego men and me sleeping. I came home and slept some more (3 hours!).

And finally, for the truly SCARY:

My Ironman Florida bib number is 83!


Denise W said...

Love the fall photos. I hope you get to go back to the area in another couple of weeks when the foliage is spectacular! BTW, what's scary about the number 83??

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Guess what? My new favorite number is 83! That's a GREAT sign!!! :) Fun pictures - hang in there - race is just around the corner and you are SO READY!

Annn said...

The picture of you in the doctor office is AWESOME. It makes me want to give your funny little son a big hug!

Danni said...

Kate, I will be at the women's changing tent. I will keep an eye out for your number! You will do great!

margo said...

haha - my family's cabin is adjoining to crabtree falls! glad you had fun up there in my hood!

kerrie said...

so sorry to hear about your aunt - i will keep her in my thoughts!

i think #83 is pretty cool, it will be easy to type in the live tracker ;)